Project details
Country Services
Jamaica Navigation QC
Gulf of Mexico Seismic QC, PAM, PAM system & PSO
Greenland Seismic QA/ QC
USA Onshore OBN HSE Consultant to services
Country Services
Columbia MMO, PAM & PAM System
Suriname MMO, PAM & PAM System
French Guiana MMO, PAM & PAM System
Peru PAM & PAM System, Onshore Client Rep, Translator
Mexico MMO, PAM & PAM System and Coxswain
Trinidad and Tobago Acquisition Advisor
Country Services
Portugal Navigation QC
UKCS QC, MMO, PAM & PAM systems
Malta MMO
Cyprus MMO, PAM & PAM System
Hebrides MMO, PAM & PAM System
North Sea MMO, PAM & PAM System
Greece MMO & PAM
Amsterdam HSE Audit
Shetlands Islands MMO, PAM & PAM System , FLO
Ireland Seismic QC, MMO, PAM, PAM system and FLO
Barents Sea Seismic QC, PAM & PAM System
Country Services
Equarorial Guinea MMO & PAM Services
Ethiopia Seismic QC & HSE Advisor
Morrocco Seismic QA/QC, Navigation QC, MMO, PAM & FLO
Mauritiania MMO & PAM System
Kenya MMO, Field Seismic Project Manager
Ghana MMO, PAM
Comoros MMO, PAM & PAM System
Madagascar MMO, PAM & PAM System
Ivory Coast MMO, PAM
Libya MMO
Egypt MMO
Angola Seismic QA/QC, Navigation QC Technichal Audit, MMO, PAM & PAM System, FLO & HSE Auditor Onshore Project-co-ordinator
Senegal MMO & PAM Services
Algeria MMO & PAM
Country Services
Australia Seismic and Navigation QC
Papua New Guinea Seismic and Navigation QC
Country Services
Bangladesh Seismic and Navigation QC
Malaysia Seismic QC
Myanmar MMO, PAM & PAM Systems
Country Services
Bellinghausen Sea PAM & PAM Systems
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