Marine Oil & Gas

Marine Oil & Gas Services

Hydenlyne provides consultants for marine oil & gas projects all over the globe. Our highly experienced consultants work with our clients to ensure the success of their exploration activities.

We specialise in the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Seismic QC
  • HSE Advisors
  • Positioning QC
  • Data Processing QC
  • Seismic Acquisition Advisors
  • Marine Mammal Observers (MMO)/ Protected Species Observers (PSO)
  • PAM Operators and Technicians
  • ADD Operators
  • Fisheries Liaison Officers
  • PAM systems
  • ADD systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP) Support and Advisory
  • Project Management Software

For marine surveys including:

  • 2D, 3D, 4D Streamer Seismic
  • Multi/Wide/Full Azimuth Surveys
  • TZ Surveys
  • Site Surveys
  • VSP
  • Drilling
  • Decommissioning

We provide 24-hour ongoing support for the duration of a projects including managing crew changes. Our dedicated team of consultants is able to provide bespoke expertise to fulfil your technical requirements.

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