There are only a handful of companies that hire Marine Mammal Scientists and exceed my expectations on how to properly maintain a healthy working professional and personal relationship. I can assure you that Hydenlyne are a good example of this. Recently I had the chance to meet the Director, Neil Taylor, and it quickly became evident where the Hydenlyne team get their professional and motivating attitudes.

MMO Consultant, USA

Hydenlyne have impressed from first contact. They have always been thorough, professional and efficient in all aspects of placing me on a project. Where they really stand out is in the communication from the first proposal to the final payment. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

QC Rep, UK

I have been working as an MMO for 20+ years and have been an MMO contractor with Hydenlyne for 5 years now. The level of service they have provided is excellent. They are professional, efficient and very reliable. Hydenlyne clearly work closely together as a team and the level of care, help and commutation I have received from all of them has been outstanding.

MMO Consultant, UK

Hydenlyne is a part of my future success, and for me have ensured progress, motivation, encouragement at work, opportunity and familiarity.

MMO, Angola

I have been working exclusively for Hydenlyne as an MMO for the last few years. I have worked on many projects. Our collaboration is excellent, the communication was very good. That’s all I have to comment, everything is perfect! Looking forward to work for you again in the near future (and I hope it will be near)!

MMO Consultant, Greece

I am a Portuguese marine biologist with over 14 years of experience working offshore and 8 years working as marine mammal observer in seismic surveys. I have collaborated with Hydenlyne for a project and has been a pleasure working with them. Communication has been very efficient. Payment is on time with very good communication. Keep doing the good work!! Great company team. Many thanks.

MMO Consultant, Portugal

My experiences with this agency are very good. Contact is very professional. Arranging flights, and travel was very smooth as well as transferring payment. During my stay on board, when working for Hydenlyne, I received a lot of support, and I knew I can always count on Hydenlyne.

MMO Consultant, Poland

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