Project details
Country Services
Jamaica Navigation QC
Gulf of Mexico Seismic QC, PAM, PAM system & PSO
Greenland Seismic QA/ QC
East Coast PSOs
USA Onshore OBN HSE Consultant to services
New Jersey (Delaware Bay area), USA PSO, PAM
Canada QC
Country Services
Guyana MMO, PAM & FLO
Columbia MMO, PAM & PAM System
Suriname MMO, PAM & PAM System
French Guiana MMO, PAM & PAM System
Peru PAM & PAM System, Onshore Client Rep, Translator
Mexico MMO, PAM
Trinidad and Tobago Acquisition Advisor
Country Services
Denmark MMO, PAM & PAM System, Lab Technician
Bulgaria MMOs
Portugal QC
UKCS QC, MMO, PAM & PAM systems
Malta MMO
Cyprus MMO, PAM & PAM System
Hebrides MMO, PAM & PAM System
North Sea MMO, PAM & PAM System
Greece MMO & PAM
Amsterdam HSE Audit
Shetlands Islands MMO, PAM & PAM System , FLO
Ireland Seismic QC, MMO, PAM, PAM system and FLO
Barents Sea Seismic QC, PAM & PAM System
Turkey MMO, PAM &PAM system
Ukraine QC
Netherlands MMO, PAM, ADD, Processor
UK Environmentalist, Geophysical Engineer, Processor
Norway Processor
Country Services
Equarorial Guinea MMO,PAM
Ethiopia Seismic QC & HSE Advisor
Morrocco Seismic QA/QC, Navigation QC, MMO, PAM & FLO
Mauritiania MMO & PAM System
Kenya MMO, Field Seismic Project Manager
Ghana MMO, PAM, QC
Comoros MMO, PAM & PAM System
Madagascar MMO, PAM & PAM System
Ivory Coast MMO, PAM
Libya MMO
Gambia PAM, PAM system
Egypt MMO, PAM, QC
Angola Seismic QA/QC, Navigation QC Technichal Audit, MMO, PAM & PAM System, FLO & HSE Auditor Onshore Project-co-ordinator
Senegal MMO & PAM Services
Algeria MMO, PAM
Nigeria MMO, PAM
Namibia MMO, PAM, QC, HSE, FLO
Country Services
Australia Seismic and Navigation QC
Papua New Guinea Seismic and Navigation QC
Country Services
Taiwan MMO, PAM, PAM System
Bangladesh Seismic and Navigation QC
Malaysia QC
Myanmar MMO, PAM & PAM Systems
South Korea MMO, PAM &PAM system
Qatar Processor
Country Services
Bellinghausen Sea PAM & PAM Systems
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